Organize Toys for Large Pools With a Plastic Basket

Large pool toys, such as pool noodles and other floating items, can be difficult to store because they take up a lot of space and do not fold well. Keep yours tidy this summer with a plastic basket – they’re cheap and big enough to hold everything you need.

You need a basket with drainage holes and, of course, one that is at least half the height of the pool noodles (so they don’t tip over). If you add other toys to the pool, such as bouncy balls or weighted rings, you can simply take the entire basket to the pool when it’s time to swim. The basket also gives your kids one place where all the pool toys should be, so they don’t leave them lying around. Since the sun and chlorine from the pool water will wear out over time on the plastic, buy an inexpensive basket that you don’t mind replacing.

Place for toys for a large pool | Organize your things now


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