New Google My Activities Page Lets You View and Delete All Your Google Activities

Google can track a lot of your data, but it also creates many tools that allow you to see that data yourself. Its newest tool, My Activity, shows you just about everything you’ve ever done related to your Google account.

Google has had tools to view your account history for a while, but this new page called “My Activity” is one of the most complete timelines we’ve ever seen. Here you can see which sites you visit, which devices you used, which apps you used, and which Google products you interacted with. Each activity record is placed on a timeline, so you can scroll back through history to see everything Google knows what you’ve been up to.

You can also search or filter your actions. Think of it as your search history, but everything you do online. You can filter the results by time, Google products you use, or keywords you specify. You can remove certain activities, remove entire topics from your history, or selectively turn off certain types of tracking such as location history or device information.

My Activity may seem a little overwhelming at first, but it is an improvement over previous methods of managing the data Google stores about you. If you want to turn off bulk tracking, or just remove certain activities that you don’t think Google knows about, you can start here.

My activity | Google via Android Police


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