Find Out If Your State Will Have a Duty-Free Weekend in 2016

17 states this year tax-free weekends that are mostly for pre-school shopping, but anyone looking for technology, supplies, or clothing can take advantage of these savings.

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The kids still have some of their summer vacation, but it’s not too early to start planning their school purchases if a tax-free weekend is coming up in your state. That’s because participating stores will refrain from levying sales tax on select items this weekend, many of which are for school use (although you don’t need to have a child enrolling in school to take advantage of these savings).

To see if your state will have a tax-free weekend this summer, see the table below. Some of these weekends will start rolling out in July, so it’s worth planning your shopping list soon!

Tax-free pre-school purchases

Tax-free vacations first began in 1997 in New York City and have since become a popular event across the country. Some states even have a few so residents can buy things like Energy Star or WaterSense items, hurricane preparedness items, or even hunting supplies.

However, the most frequently celebrated tax-free weekends are those that usually serve as key events before returning to school. They naturally walk together, and not just because of the late summer; very often, subjects suitable for a tax-free weekend are subjects that are needed by students of all ages. Parents can save on clothes and shoes, all kinds of school supplies, computers and other equipment. Plus, if you’re smart, you can find school sales that are active during tax-free weekends in your state, which will multiply your potential savings.

Tax Free Holidays – Not Just for Students

Obviously, you don’t have to be a parent or student to take advantage of the school discounts and tax-free holidays. Anyone looking to replenish their wardrobe, upgrade their technology, or purchase office supplies can take advantage of a tax-free weekend.

If you only remember one thing when participating in the tax-free weekend sales this year, it is that many states impose restrictions on the purchase of eligible items. Often, non-taxable benefits are only eligible for items less than a certain amount.

You won’t find Louisiana on the list this year

While technically tax-free, Louisiana will have at least a reduced tax rate from August 5 to 6 on tangible personal property purchases under $ 2,500. Unfortunately, this is not a short term change . This lower rate of 3% is valid for all tax holidays from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2018. Thereafter, the 0% tax holiday will resume from July 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

When and where to find tax-free outdoor weekends and what products are right for it

State Dates Eligible Items / Maximum Cost
Alabama 5-7 August Clothes: $ 100; Computers: $ 750 School supplies: $ 50; Books: $ 30.
Arkansas 6-7 August School supplies: no limits Clothing: US $ 100; accessories and equipment: USD 50.
**Connecticut August 21-27 Clothes and shoes: $ 100
* Florida 5-7 August School Supplies: $ 15, Clothes: $ 60.
Georgia July 30-31 Clothes: $ 100 School supplies: $ 20 Computers: $ 1,000
Iowa 5-6 August Clothes and shoes: $ 100
Maryland August 14-20 Clothes and shoes: $ 100
* Massachusetts 5-6 August Clothes and shoes: $ 100
Mississippi July 29-30 Clothes and shoes: $ 100
Missouri 5-7 August Clothing: $ 100 School supplies: $ 50 Computer software: $ 350 Computers: $ 1,500 Computer peripherals: $ 1,500 Graphing calculators: $ 150
New Mexico 5-7 August School supplies: $ 30; Clothes: $ 100; Computers: $ 1,000 Computer hardware: $ 500.
Ohio 5-7 August Clothing: $ 75, School Supplies: $ 20, Teaching Materials: $ 20
* Oklahoma 5-7 August Clothes: $ 100
**South Carolina 5-7 August Clothing and accessories: Unlimited School supplies: Unlimited Computers and accessories: Unlimited Sleeping and bath accessories: Unlimited
Tennessee July 29-31 Clothes: $ 100 School supplies: $ 100 Computers: $ 1,500
Texas 5-7 August Clothes and shoes: $ 100 Backpacks: $ 100 School supplies: $ 100
Virginia 5-7 August Clothes and shoes: $ 100, school supplies: $ 20

* Indicates conditions that contain links to legal documents detailing sales tax holidays. ** Indicates states that still have to approve tax holidays for this year.

Readers, do you shop tax-free on the weekend? If so, what have you put off the most when shopping? Do you prefer to shop at office supply stores like Staples or Office Max, or do you go to large retail stores, clothing stores, or wherever?

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