Expand Your Small Garden Space With This DIY Tiered Planter

If you’re short on gardening space, growing up rather than outdoors, make the most of what you have. Easy to assemble by yourself, this 3-tiered planter will help transform your vertical space into a lush garden.

You should have no problem purchasing inexpensive materials for this project from your local hardware store or garden store. Here’s what you need:

  • Large pot with saucer
  • Medium pot
  • Small pot
  • Two sturdy plastic or metal containers (old paint cans, yogurt containers)
  • The soil
  • Plants of your choice
  • Factory labels (optional)

For plastic or metal containers, one should fit inside the large pot and the other inside the middle one. They should take up about half the volume of the pot. You can use pots in almost any material, but terracotta or unglazed ceramics will allow water to drip easily between levels and add weight to the tiers so they don’t topple over in the wind.

Place a large plastic or metal container in a large saucepan, upside down. Cover with soil to the bottom of the container, then place the middle pot on top. Plant your first tier of plants about the size of a medium pot. Place another plastic or metal container upside down in the middle pot and fill with earth until it reaches the bottom of the container. Place the smallest of the pots on a container and plant the second tier. Fill the pot with soil and plant a third tier. The video above uses herbs, but you can put anything from flowers to vegetables into this DIY planter. Vines or other plants that grow downward will also look great hanging from each tier.

3-deck grass planters | Excellent (YouTube)


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