Thebes Monitors Your Child’s Fever or Other Symptoms of Illness

iOS: There are a few things that upset parents more than a sick or feverish child, and if your doctor tells you to wait, this is what you should do. Luckily, Feevy is a new iPhone app that can help you track your child’s temperature and progress, and notify the doctor if something changes.

Feevy is on sale right now for $ 2 (which coincides with its recent launch), but it will likely rise to around $ 3 after the promotion ends. The app allows you to track your baby’s temperature on a graph over time, so if you take your baby’s temperature every few hours, you can go back to all your recent readings and see if their temperature remains stable, tends to rise or falls at … sight. You can also add things like the medications you gave them and when to keep them from giving them too much in too short a period of time, and add notes on how your child is feeling at different times.

The app is versatile, so if you have an iPhone and iPad, you can use it on both (and sync with other family members), and you can also track multiple family members (even adults, if you like!), So you don’t need to worry about mixing information for more than one child. Best of all, after you’ve checked everything in, you have one package that you can show your doctor on your next visit so that he can see everything you did, when and how it turned out.

Thebes ($ 2) | ITunes App Store via Thebes


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