Amazon Kindle’s New Page-Flipping Feature Makes It Easier to Navigate Between Pages

The Kindle is great for reading, but terrible for exploring. If you need to switch between pages for comparison, it has always been a little awkward. Page Flip is a new feature that is rolling out in Kindle apps and e-books, and should help.

The new feature is described as “the digital equivalent of sticking your fingers in a book,” and is most clearly useful for non-fiction books, where you find yourself switching between glossaries, notes, and links. Once you open the Page Flip View, you can easily find the page, check a little information, and then go back to the page you read before. However, this feature is book dependent, so you will need to search for “Page Flip: Enabled” on the Amazon store page to make sure it is enabled for the book you are reading. The update is available for all Kindle apps right now and should be rolled out to Kindle devices using an over-the-air update.

Page Flip | Amazon


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