Turn Ground Nuts Into a Crunchy Delicious Breading

When you think of breading, you usually think of flour, bread, or breadcrumbs, but ground nuts like almonds or pumpkin seeds can add the same crunch, fatness, and rich flavor. All you have to do is chop them finely and mix with a few other ingredients.

Grind the nuts in a food processor (or even a blender) until they are fine (just don’t over-process or you’ll end up with nut butter). You can use almost any type of nut for this, but almonds, pumpkin seeds, and pine nuts work well with just about anything. You can use them alone or mix them with breadcrumbs or panko for a more familiar consistency. Best of all, if you keep an eye on your carbohydrate intake, it adds some fat and protein and cuts down on carbohydrates.

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