Boost Your Job Search by Joining Talent Communities

Finding a new job invariably means visiting search sites, connecting to your network, and expanding your LinkedIn profile . However, there is another medium that can be useful: the talent communities of specific companies.

Some companies have forums where you can chat and keep up with job seekers. When you join these talent communities, you will receive job updates, as well as insider news and access to forums or online chats.

You’ve probably come across these communities if you applied to a large company and they ask you to register and submit your resume through their website. However, if you are looking for a job, it can help to take the initiative and register anyway. If a company likes your profile, they can contact you for an interview.

Here’s how the talent community at Zappos on Next Avenue works, for example:

“Zappos insiders are just people who might want to work for Zappos someday … now, tomorrow, or sometime in the future. It’s like a special membership for people who want to stay in touch with us, learn more about our fun, idiotic culture, know what’s going on in our company, get special views from insiders, and get team updates from the areas that interest you the most. in. There is no better way for us to stay in the know and get to know each other than by becoming an insider. “

These forums are useful for learning more about the company and its culture, but you also build communication and increase your chances of getting a recommendation. To find these communities, you can simply browse the Careers section of the company’s websites. Next Avenue offers several additional ways to get started using the link below.

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