This DIY Programmable Socket Can Control Gadgets, Control Temperature, and More.

Reader John built this Arduino-based programmable socket that can remotely control your devices, be programmed to do what you want, control temperatures with the included thermocouples, and more – and he made it open hardware so anyone can get the parts and make them. too much.

The “portlet,” as John calls it (the set of words “programmable” and “exit”), can be programmed to do whatever you like. Perhaps you want it to automatically turn your devices on or off when you are away from home, so it looks like someone is really there, or maybe you want it to automatically turn off the power when your gadgets are charging. … Maybe you want it to control the reflow oven and control the temperature inside and then turn it off at the set temperature, or control your epic holiday light show. There is really no limit, especially since it all works on the Arduino.

John initially started the project on Kickstarter, but after a few years decided to make the project open to the world and has a complete list of the parts you will need and the code you will need, as well as the documentation on his website. website (link below). If you are looking for a fancy looking case like the one shown in the image above, you can purchase one from John, who will appreciate your contribution to the project. If you’d rather make your own, it even includes the files you need for 3D printing.

In any case, click the link below if you want to familiarize yourself with the project, or get everything you need to do it yourself.

Portlet | Mechanical technology laboratory


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