Prepare Crispy Fried Ice Cream Without Frying It at All

Fried ice cream is the perfect union of dichotomies. It’s crispy and creamy, hot and cold and delicious, but it’s not something I’d like to mess with at home. Luckily, you can get a crunchy skin around the ice cream scoops without frying.

In fact, you only need two ingredients: ice cream and whatever crunchy stuff you want to cover the ice cream with. (The link below is full of suggestions, but I prefer using a mixture of chopped pretzels and Oreo crumbs.) Scoop the frozen dairy products onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and place them back in the freezer to freeze. Then chop up the crunchy bites and transfer to a shallow bowl. Place the ice cream balls in the filled bowl and roll them out until they are covered. Put them back in the freezer until they are completely set and enjoy the crunchy and creamy “brown” ice cream.

What could be better than fried ice cream without frying? | Food 52


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