Make the Perfect Indoor S’mores With a Cooking Burner

If your trekking plans don’t pan out, you can still enjoy the best part of the experience – drinks – in the kitchen. All you need is a Cooking Torch.

Who needs a fire and ghost stories when you can roast marshmallows at home, curl up on the couch and watch a horror movie. The folks on Insider YouTuber recommend recreating the charred sticky magic of fried marshmallows with a tool commonly used for crème brulee. Simply place the marshmallow and chocolate on top of a Graham cracker, light the marshmallow with a cooking torch, then puff it out, allowing it to char slightly. Smash it all together with a Graham cracker lid and you won’t feel the difference. Best of all, cooking torches aren’t too expensive. You can usually find a professional grade flashlight for under $ 20 .

The Easiest Way to Cook S’mores Indoors | Youtube


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