The Key to the Smoothest, Lightest Caramel Is Tartar

Caramel is an amazing thing. This is the Maillard reaction that turns simple sugar into something complex and tasty. This video from Bon Appetit shows you the secret to creating the smoothest, silky caramel ever: a drop of tartar.

The recipe itself is simple: a cup of sugar, three tablespoons of water, half a cup of heavy cream, four tablespoons of butter, salt and 1/8 teaspoon of tartar. The video shows the process, but for those who can’t watch, start by adding the sugar, water, and tartar together, but be sure to prepare the other ingredients as you won’t want to leave your caramel. to get the rest as soon as you start cooking.

Then put the sugar / water / tartar mixture on low heat, stirring completely and making sure the sugar is completely dissolved. Keep the heat low and once the heat is the desired color and smells good toasted, reduce the heat slightly, then add the butter and then slowly add the cream. Finish with a generous teaspoon of kosher salt and let cool. Top it with ice cream, use it for popcorn or wherever you can use delicious caramel sauce and you won’t regret it. There are tons of ingredients, but if you prepare them all first, the preparation is easy enough and well worth the effort – just watch out for the tartar.

The Key To The Smoothest Caramel | Bon appetit (YouTube)


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