Customize Your SSD + HDD Combination to Make the Most of the Space on Each With This Video

Solid state drives are clearly the best disk format, but they are more expensive per gigabyte than platter hard drives. The natural sweet spot is to get an SSD for Windows installation and a hard drive for all your belongings. This video shows you how to set up both to work well together.

A video from Linus Tech Tips shows you how to set up Windows libraries such as documents and images to save photos to your hard drive rather than an SSD. It also suggests installing things like Steam to your hard drive by default, instead of trying to manage your game’s installations individually. For power users, some of this information may seem a little out of date, but if you’re finally switching to an SSD for the first time, this is a handy guide to getting everything up and running smoothly.

How To: Optimize Your SSD + HDD Setting | LinusTech Tips


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