BitTorrent Is Now a Music and Video Streaming App for Android and the Web, IOS on the Go

Android / Internet: BitTorrent has launched a new media streaming application BitTorrent Now. The app works like a combo of Netflix and Spotify, streaming both video and audio, but without shortcut support, the choices are a bit limited.

Let’s deal with this first, BitTorrent Now is not about piracy. It doesn’t work like an app like Popcorn Time, which means you won’t find a huge selection of music available as torrents. Instead, everything on BitTorrent Now is downloaded by its creator. Some are free, some require an email address, and some require payment. Right now, there are many deep cutouts from bands and video producers that most people have not heard of. That said, if you really love independent media, it’s worth seeing what’s going on here. The web version and the Android version are already working, iOS apps are coming soon.

BitTorrent Now (Free) | Google Play via BitTorrent BitTorrent Now (Free) | via BitTorrent


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