Beer Can With Cabbage Is the Best Grilled Vegetable

Beer canned chicken is a staple of the grill season, but now there is a new beer-based snack in town, and it’s hearty cabbage. Sure, it’s a great option for your vegetarian friends, but it’s also a really delicious way to cook kale.

Cabbage doesn’t have natural cavities (obviously), so you’ll have to cut it yourself. Just cut a hole large enough for a can of beer to fit halfway inside by scooping out the core with a spoon. Brush the cabbage with butter and season with salt and pepper. Then grab a can of beer and drink half. Place the jar inside the hollowed-out cruciferous vegetable, brush the cabbage with barbecue sauce and place upright on the grill. Cook for about 45 minutes, dripping with the tastier sauce every 15 or so, until the leaves are brown.

Remove the cabbage from the grill and take out the beer can throne. Cut into strips and place on kaiser rolls with fresh carrots and fried onions for super tasty sandwiches that will appeal to almost everyone, vegetarian or not.

Meet Beer and Cabbage, The Best Vegetarian BBQ Main Course | Epic


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