These Salad Bases Are Easy to Make and Will Stay Crisp and Crisp Throughout the Week.

Bright fresh salads are one of my favorite dinners, but I don’t always have time to stop and cook one in the middle of a workday. Traditional leafy bases can get soft and slimy if you put them in front, but Kitchn came up with five fresh salad bases that stay crispy for a fucking week .

Click the link below to see all five crunchy combinations, but the key to making a big salad that’s enough for you Monday through Friday is choosing a strong, crunchy base vegetable. Kale, radicchio, and mustard greens are all good leafy options, but spiral courgettes are also a good base for making a fresh lunch. If you really don’t feel like cooking, just grab a packet of broccoli. Once you have a solid base, simply add your favorite protein, nuts, cheese, dressing, and snack into it.

5 Salad Basics Stored In The Refrigerator All Week | Kitchen


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