Get 50% Off Any Coursera Computer Science Course for a Limited Time

If you are thinking about how to go on one of the many courses in computer science, created on Coursera University, now it is the time. Enterprise software company Atlassian is currently offering scholarships that cover half the course cost to students who are admitted.

Some of the excellent courses include Python for Everyone from the University of Michigan, Java Programming: An Introduction to Software Specialization from Duke University, Android Application Development from Vanderbilt University, and Game Design and Development from Michigan State University. When you enroll in a course, you will see a pre-paid offer (similar to the screenshot above). Accept the offer and you’re done. However, please be aware that the 50% discount is valid on a first come, first served basis and for a limited time only. So take your time if you are thinking of attending one of these classes. You can see what kind of computer science lessons Coursera has to offer here .

Atlassian Sponsors Computer Science Students on Coursera | Coursera Blog


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