ELSA – Non-English Speaking Pronunciation Coach

iOS / Android: Pronunciation can be difficult when learning a new language. ELSA is an interactive language app that helps non-native speakers of English learn a language based on their pronunciation.

The app is free to download and works in a similar way to other language learning apps. First, he asks what your native language is to get a feel for your pronunciation. The app then introduces you to a few common English words and phrases, and then listens to your own pronunciation of those words and phrases. This will tell you which parts of the phrase you should focus on.

According to the website , ELSA – short for English Language Speech Assistant – uses a curriculum designed by communication experts with years of experience in the field of speech coaching. So far, the app is intended only for English, but it will come in handy for anyone trying to learn the language. Watch it in action in the video above, then check out the links below.

ELSA | Apple Store via Product Hunt ELSA | Google games


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