Eat the Same Healthy Food for Lunch Every Day to Streamline Your Diet

Your diet plan only works if you stick to it. You probably need a little variety for this. Instead of trying to come up with ten healthy food choices for each meal throughout the day, stick to one for lunch and then mix it up for dinner.

Cookery site The Kitchn explains that by choosing and sticking to one healthy, low-calorie meal for lunch, you can simplify the decisions you would normally need to make in the middle of the day. Chances are, you are already busy during the day, so the choices you make for you can be helpful. Choose something that gives you just enough to keep you from spending your entire daily calorie budget. Then, when dinner starts, you will have the opportunity to change your diet. Maybe you can show yourself at least a little:

It might sound pretty boring to eat the same thing for lunch every day, but I know exactly how many calories I am consuming. My regimen keeps me fit for racing and also allows me to spend a little at night.

I eat whatever I want for dinner, usually pizza or pasta – I need those carbs! – plus a large salad with herbs, tomatoes, red onions and cheese. I also like to have a glass of red wine (or two). I deserve it!

You can of course switch it to work for you. If you prefer a hearty breakfast and several small meals throughout the day, you can try this. The idea here is to choose one meal that allows you to eat something special and enjoy it so you don’t have to delay your diet. It’s not that hard to stick to a boring routine for two meals a day when one of them is supposed to be fun and unusual.

Why I Eat The Same For Lunch Every Day: A World-Class Runner | Kitchen


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