Burner, an App for Disposable Phone Numbers, Introduces a Chatbot That Automatically Reacts to Unwanted Texts

Burner is already great for giving your phone number to people you might not want to know your real number, but its recently announced Ghostbot chatbot makes it even better and safer. Whether it’s a bad date that won’t stop texting you, or an annoying match on a dating site, Ghostbot will take care of it automatically.

Of course, for Ghostbot to work, you must already have a Burner number, but once you activate it for the number you choose, you can assign certain people or phone numbers as “ghost” numbers, and when they write to you, Ghostbot will do it. automatically reply to their messages with one of a variety of response scripts. The service uses natural language processing to select an appropriate response to their request, so if they try to invite you to dinner, or call you, or make an unsolicited suggestive comment, Ghostbot will respond with something appropriate. They range from simple things like “I’m sick” or “I’m sorry I’m overworked,” to more assertive or aggressive responses, all until the conversation dies down or the offender hears the hint and gives up.

Best of all, Ghostbot has personality and responds to the same people who text it to it. It replies at random intervals and may speak or disconnect conversations from time to time, so it is not clear to the other party that they are talking to the bot. Obviously, you could only use something like this after clearing up your disinterest in the other side, but we all know how well it can go (and how many people just keep texting even after you asked them not do it), so in these Ghostbot will help you find peace and quiet. The only limitation is that you have to use the Burner number to start in order for it to work.

Say hello to Ghostbot, the smart bot that can handle your unwanted text messages | Burner


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