What to Look for (and What to Avoid) When Buying Barbecue Kebabs

The kebabs are delicious and easy to make, but the good ones can be expensive and you want ones that are easy to work with. No old bamboo stick will work. Here’s what to keep in mind when buying a kebab for your next kebab.

If you don’t grill a lot, disposable wood or bamboo will work. If you often grill in warm weather, the metal skewers will pay off in the long run. Skip the ones with fancy handles. Plastic or wooden handles can be damaged by the heat of the grill, and metal handles will retain too much heat and cause burns. Also, avoid skewers that have food pushers. They are designed to make food easier to extract, but ultimately take up space on the skewer and are unnecessary when you can simply use tongs or fingers. Flexible blades will really make food difficult to cook as they are harder to rotate evenly.

Choose skewers with a flat blade so you spend less time spinning the kebab. Pay attention to the shape of the handle. A thin loop is best because it retains less heat and is easier to grab and turn on the grill or hold while eating. Finally, look for skewers that are easy to peel off food, as this is what you or your guests can struggle with the most. For brand-specific recommendations, check out the full publication at the link below.

Best Grilled Kebabs | Serious food


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