Thanks Again Rewards You for Wasting Money at Airports

We all complain about the prices at the airport, but two hours after stopping with nothing to eat, the $ 10 sandwich starts to look pretty tasty. If you’re going down to the cave, you can also earn a reward for that, and this is where thanks again come in handy.

Yet again thanks – a free rewards program and an application that works like Ebates . This is a shopping portal where you register your credit card and automatically earn miles or cashback on travel-related purchases. The reader was the first to draw our attention to this .

The company makes money from partnerships with retailers , many of which are travel-related and located in a network of over 100 airports. When you spend with these merchants, you can either earn cash back or earn miles on most travel rewards programs including Delta, United, American and Hilton. Simple enough to use. Link your credit cards and by spending them you earn points.

You get 100 points for signing up and from there you earn one point for every dollar spent.

For every 500 points you earn, you can get a $ 10 prepaid Visa card or redeem them for miles as part of your bonus program. The company also recently added the ability to redeem points for TSA pre-screening (this will cost you 4250 points).

As with most reward programs, you need to spend a lot to redeem your points for something substantial, but this is still an easy way to get a bonus on purchases that you were about to make anyway. Check them out at the link below.

Thanks again | Apple Store

Thanks again | Google games


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