RoutePerfect Plans Your Dream Europe Trip

Internet: Holidays in Europe are popular, but deciding exactly where to go during your trip can be tricky. If you have an unclear idea, RoutePerfect can help you plan the rest of your route and introduce you to places you might never have stopped otherwise.

There are many specific options in the app that you can use to create the foundation for your trip. Here’s what you can choose:

  • Round Trip or One Way : You can choose the same start / end city or choose different start and end cities.
  • Duration of the trip : Enter how many days you want to spend, including the start date, if you have one. Depending on which interests you add, RoutePerfect will adjust the number of nights at each location to maximize what you want to do.
  • Ground Transportation : Add if traveling by car or public transportation.
  • Trip type : Is this a family vacation? Romantic getaway? Individual trip? This information helps RoutePerfect narrow down the list of stops everyone will enjoy on your trip.
  • Your personal interests : Use the sliders to indicate how much you are interested in certain things, such as historical sites, good food, or small towns. RoutePerfect will use these factors to figure out which stops are best for what you like and how active you are.

Once you’ve placed everything, RoutePerfect will generate a route how long it takes to get between each stop, how many nights you’ll have at each location, and more details about each city (story from Wikipedia, reviews from TripAdvisor , suggested attractions) … You can also manually add to specific locations if you have a must visit or a place you definitely want to visit. For example, I entered the starting destination Oslo, Norway, and the final destination Naples, Italy. Once RoutePerfect generated a route for me, I went in and added London as a stop and removed one of the stops in Sweden (after RoutePerfect warned me that my addition would increase the trip by 2 days). You can also manually adjust how many nights you spend at each stop.



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