Get the Most Out of Your Vacation by Turning It Into a Personal Hackathon

Stops can be a serious waste of time, especially when they are unexpected. However, instead of being bored for hours on end, use this as an opportunity to take on a project that you haven’t been in a rush on for a long time.

Everyone has something they wanted to work on but haven’t “found the time” yet. Well, Amy Killoran of I Love Travel suggests the stop is the time you’ve been looking for:

I recommend using this time as a personal hackathon for a project that you would never do on a regular day. One day while waiting for a flight to San Francisco, I started an Instagram account inspired by my obsession with plants – one of those projects that haunted me for a long time. It took me a stop to finally get it done!

You can, of course, eat snacks from the airport gift shop, watch Netflix, or read a book. Or you can grab a coffee and get to work. You have nowhere to go or distraction, so use this time to your advantage. Perhaps you will never find such a long span of time again.

Outside the Bookstore: How 21 Frequent Flyers Beat Airport Boredom | Apartment therapy


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