Convert Your Tripod Into a Hands-Free Pole Rack Holder With This DIY Clamp

When you’re a one-man film crew, you don’t have an extra pair of hands to hold a shotgun mic. But if you have an extra tripod, this homemade clip is a must-have for you and only costs $ 15 to make.

In this video from youtuber- thefrugalfilmaker, you will learn how to properly hold the barbell racks when you have no extra arms. All you need are two friction lever clamps and a dual flash holder . Once you assemble it, you attach the dual flash bracket holder to the tripod, slide the boom arm into the clamps on the friction lever, and then adjust the tripod to rotate the shotgun mic to the desired angle. You may need to add a counterweight to the bar, but the film manufacturer suggests ankle weights or similar that should help.

DIY: Economical $ 15 Tripod Clamp | Youtube


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