Make Your Food More Appealing With This Kitchen Tool You Probably Already Have

Beautiful food doesn’t necessarily taste better, but if you think we eat with our eyes first, you will probably appreciate a beautiful plate. Epicurious offers an incredibly easy way to make your meals more appealing: use a vegetable peeler.

You probably already have a Y peeler in your kitchen and can use it to create beautiful avocado, asparagus, or chocolate ribbons. In Epicurious’s test kitchen, Culinary Director Rhoda Boone uses this method to topple toast and writes:

“Why do you need it?” This is a perfectly fair question. Does shaving improve the taste of food? Not really. For some dense or fibrous vegetables, such as asparagus or beets , thinly shaving the raw vegetables makes them easier to digest. A peeler can also help you switch to the carb-free pasta trend without buying a spiralizer . But the most important reason everything needs to be done with ribbon is because it is fun to do and it makes your food really beautiful. Who doesn’t love beautiful food? I know that.

You may not be using it for your daily meal, but when you are cooking for friends or just looking to improve your dinner, this is an easy way to do it. It is relatively easy to make ribbons – just peel the product slightly. Boone, however, offers some specific food-specific advice at the link below.

A Simple Tool That Makes Food Look Great | Epic


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