Easy Ways to Keep Pets Away From Your Garden or Safe

Your garden should be pretty good by now, but if you need a hand to keep your furry companion out of it – or didn’t plant this year because you were worried about it – these suggestions from HomeAdvisor can help.

The video above essentially mirrors the tips in the picture below, so they both contain the same information, but it’s all good. Some of this you probably guessed by now, like using wire mesh to keep pets (and other animals near your house) at bay, but some other suggestions, such as sharing a sandbox or pet play area. Also great for encouraging your pets to have fun where you are not trying to grow flowers or food.

Likewise, make sure you choose fertilizers and plants for your garden that are suitable for pets, in case they get there anyway. We’ve shared some pets to avoid and some other plants that are good for them , but if you’re unsure, check with the ASPCA database before purchasing.

In addition, the drawing is full of tips on how to choose good furniture and make your yard a pet-friendly place. Check out the full picture below.

How to protect your garden from pets ┬╗wiki useful HomeAdvisor


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