Work on a Handstand Push-up With the First Hand

Handstand push-ups are exactly what they look like and, as with push-ups and pull-ups , you need to learn them gradually. In her video, Nia Shanks , trainer and owner of Lift Like a Girl, shows you exercises to help you work to one.

Handstand push-ups are similar to body-weight overhead presses. This works your shoulders, traps, and triceps. In addition, the balancing part places high demands on the body and lower body so that they do not tip over, and even on the fingertips to maintain a stable base. You will need to start small, which includes getting really strong with regular push-ups first . Later:

  1. Dips with a dive : The shin demonstrates two methods, the first and easier method is to keep the feet flat on the floor and form an inverted V. Slowly lower and press your shoulders. Once you are comfortable with a couple of sets of 10 reps, you can try raising your legs on a firm surface such as a chair or table. The higher the legs go, the more difficult it becomes.
  2. Handstand with support on the wall: This will help you get comfortable in the upside-down position. Shanks does a handstand against the wall and recommends working to hold this position for 60-75 seconds over several sets.
  3. Negative handstand push-ups : This is the downward portion of the handstand push-up, and the idea is to slowly descend to a count of 3, reset and do it again. Aim to comfortably do about 5 reps in multiple sets before finally attempting a full handstand push-up.

The big caveat here is that handstand push-ups are very ruthless if you don’t have the proper shoulder strength and health to perform them. I recommend that you practice this when you are fresh (not at the end of a grueling workout), have a wall to lean against, and / or have a buddy to help you hold your legs.

Shanks, who has already formed a solid base of strength , said it took her 6-8 weeks, doing each exercise several times a week, to eventually get to a full handstand push-up. Focus on your own progress at your own pace!

How to do handstand push-ups for the first time | Nia Shanks


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