Useful Ways to Organize Tiny Kitchens

Even if you have a huge kitchen, you still have to make the most of the space you have. This video from Brothers Green Eats is full of ways to fit everything you need to prepare your food in a tiny space – even as small as their tiny galley style kitchen.

The video turned out to be quite long, but some of the tips range from simple ones like folding rather than pulling out because you will likely have more vertical space you can use than floor space to expand to more complex ones like using glass jars to store spices and ingredients for cooking – not because it’s a trendy paradise to have a shelf of Ball jars, but because they are reusable, transparent so you can see what’s inside, close tightly to keep food fresh and doesn’t look awful on open shelving that can be easily stowed.

They also offer a hanging pot rack, mainly so you can easily reach your pots and pans without having to dig into a drawer to grab the ones you need or make a lot of noise. They warmly (and so do we) the magnetic knife rack and some simple IKEA crockery hooks that free up space in the drawer and still keep the most commonly used cooking tools close at hand.

For additional suggestions and visual demonstrations of each, click Play on the video above or watch it on YouTube using the link below.

Upgrade My Kitchen – Organize Your Small Space | Brothers Green Eats (YouTube)


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