Grill Apples at Your Next Dinner for a Smoky, Sweet Side Dish or Dessert

I confess, when I think about outdoor cooking, my thoughts quickly turn to meat, and I have little room in my brain for parties. Perhaps it was because of this flesh-focused tunnel vision that I never thought about grilling apples, but luckily Food 52 brought this idea to my attention.

We used to talk about the delicious benefits of fried fruits , but somehow we never talked about apples. This is too bad because they complement the barbecue very nicely and make a great savory side dish or sweet dessert. Start with a hard, tart apple (Granny Smith works well), core, halves, and brush with a little neutral butter or butter. Grill over medium to high heat for a few minutes, until they are nice marks, and cover with whatever you like. If you want even more flavor, you can pre-marinate them (click the link below to see many ideas) or grease them with bacon fat before grilling.

Give Your Apples a Mark on the Grill This Summer | Food 52


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