Avoid These Overused, Repetitive Interview Lines

Interviews are challenging enough considering that you have to showcase your skills and experience and impress the interviewee with them. What you don’t want to do is come off as if you’re reading a script, so Glassdoor suggests avoiding those acted out, repetitive lines that everyone’s heard before.

You probably already know that some of these lines should be avoided, but it’s always helpful to get a reminder. The full Glassdoor list is eight points, but here are the first few, and what you should say instead:

1. “I am a fast learner.”

Honestly, when has this phrase been used to describe anything other than a skill or tool that you still have to learn or master? Saying that you are a quick learner is essentially telling your interviewer that you have no experience with something in the job description.

Compensate for your lack of direct knowledge by preparing an example of how you are already making headway in this area. Instead, say the following: “My direct role has never been in community management. However, I did an analysis of your company’s social networks, as well as your competitors, and this is what I found … “

2. “I created a synergistic and flexible marketing experience for clients.”

Watch your interviewers roll their eyes and sigh. Abstract buzzwords and jargon are alive and well in most industries. However, using specific words in interviews will make your listeners think of you as a jargon-spewing robot.

As you prepare for your interview, try to cut out all the buzzwords and focus on better articulating your experience. Instead, say, “I used responsive web design to make the customer experience easier.”

3. “I think outside the box.”

As with buzzwords, using clichés to highlight your skills during an interview is also rather mechanical and monotonous.

Avoid these commonly used phrases and use short stories to better highlight your previous experiences. Instead, say the following: “In my previous role, I continually developed new ways to attract customers to provide feedback on our services. One of the ways I did it was … “

Some of the other items on the list are equally dire, such as the always bad “no, I have no questions” when given the opportunity to ask a question , or “perfectionism is my biggest weakness,” or whatever. others, poorly thought out, positive, to try to evade the actual issue.

For a complete list, as well as alternatives, click on the link below.

8 Interview Lines That Will Make You Look Like a Robot | Glassdoor Blog


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