Three Small Tricks to Help You Improve Your Deadlift

As a rule, there are two problematic moments in the deadlift: first, the bar goes past the shins; the other blocks your hips at the top of the movement (otherwise called a “lockout”). This video and these tips from EliteFTS explains the problem and what you can do.

The most obvious reason why you cannot lift a certain weight is because you are not strong enough yet, simple and understandable. But besides strength, there are several other possible reasons:

  1. Your stance may be too narrow: In a normal stance, your stance is usually about shoulder-width apart, but sometimes it can be too narrow, especially if you cannot use your glutes for the exercise. To find out, stand up with your usual width, stand up straight and purposely squeeze your buttocks – hard. If you feel you can’t, extend the rack an inch or two.
  2. Your “attitude” is too random: a good attitude prepares your body and mind to move. In particular, the article recommends this ideal sequence of actions: inhale, tighten your abs, tighten your back, release tension from the bar, and transfer your weight to your heels. Do all this with smooth (not rushed) movements and stretch.
  3. You are trying to lock with a back movement: the deadlift is primarily a movement from the hips ( hip joint ). This is why you need to be able to squeeze your glutes hard, as it is the hamstring, glutes, lats — the entire back chain — that help you complete the movement. As noted in the article, consider “tailing in” rather than arching or over-extending your back.

These are not the only reasons, but they are a good starting point if you are trying to improve – or even complete properly – your climb.

3 Reasons You Can’t Block Deadlift | ElitFTS


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