Drizzle Over Everything With Delicious and Savory Egg Yolk With This Sauce

A perfectly cooked poached egg or fried egg is great for just about anything from ramen to hamburgers – but honestly, you mostly prefer it just because of the yolk. You can cook single eggs to a perfect runny yolk, or make Cook’s Science Yolk Sauce and use it all week.

As explained in the video above, egg yolks are so delicious because they are natural emulsions of water and fat. (Other well-known but not naturally occurring emulsions include butter and mayonnaise.) Since egg yolk is delicious on its own, all you need to make this “sauce” is the yolks themselves and some salt. Simply mix a few separated yolks with a couple pinches of salt, transfer to an airtight plastic bag or glass jar, and submerge in a constant temperature water bath set at 149F for 32 minutes.

This pasteurizes the yolks and cooks them to their ideal “liquid” point. Pour this liquid gold into a bottle (keep it in the refrigerator for up to a week) and drizzle over whatever you normally put in an egg.

Obsessed with putting an egg on it? Use This Liquid Egg Yolk Sauce | Cook Science


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