The IRS Transcript Tool Gives You Access to Your Tax Information

If you need a summary of your tax return, you can get it (and other transcripts) online using the recently launched IRS tool.

The IRS turned off its Get Transcript tool last year when identity thieves used it to access taxpayer information. They recently re-released the tool with stricter security measures.

Following a shutdown last spring, Get Transcript Online is now available to all users to access a copy of their tax reports and similar documents that summarize important tax return information. Today’s official relaunch of Get Transcript Online aims to address the increased cybersecurity threats through a new, more secure access structure. This structure allows the IRS to require a two-step authentication process for all online tools and applications that require a high level of assurance.

Of course, you must verify your identity with your social security number, date of birth and other personal information, and now you also need to authenticate the account with your mobile phone by entering your name on the account.

A tax statement is just a summary of your tax return and can come in handy when applying for a mortgage or student loan. You may also need it to access other tax information such as adjusted gross income. Check out the different types of transcripts you can access and use the tool at the link below.

Get Transcript Online | IRS


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