The Champion’s Best Mental Trick of Memory to Remember Where You Put Keys

If you’re tired of losing keys in your house, this explosive memory trick will help you remember. All you need is a little imagination.

In this video from Business Insider’s YouTube channel, Ron White, world record holder and two-time National Memory Champion, shares his trick on how to keep the keys to loss. White suggests that we lose keys and other everyday objects because we are on mental autopilot, especially after a long day. To combat this, you need to find a way to focus on the moment you put something.

Regarding keys, White recommends imagining that it is a small bomb that explodes wherever you throw them. For example, if you stick them on a countertop, imagine a piece of the countertop flying outward and the cabinets catching fire. This forces your brain to focus on the moment of placement and links visual memory to a specific physical location. After all, you can’t imagine how your coffee table could explode if your brain doesn’t study its surroundings first. Now when you need the keys, you say, “Oh yes, I blew up the nightstand a few hours ago.”

National Memory Champion Explains How To Never Lose Keys Again | Youtube


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