The Blind Astronomer, What to Do With Your Life and Ridiculous Exercise Trends

Blind Astronomer, how to figure out what to do with your life after school, how many stolen books and more to start your week in our Lifehacker Brain Buffet!

Books that are most often stolen

I used to work in a bookstore, and theft is actually a bigger problem than you think – so much so that this one, Vintage / Anchor Books, has a shelf specifically for books that are most often stolen from their store. … Among the books on the shelf are authors such as Charles Bukowski, Haruki Murakami, and even Jack Kerouac. Thieves seem to be partial to classical literature too, as books like The Great Gatsby and nearly all of Hemingway’s writings are popular targets. [ via Kottke ]

The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Knife for Everyday Carry

We previously discussed that a simple pocket knife is an amazing tool, and even looked at some of your favorite blades for many, many uses for one . We’ve also discussed some important things to look out for when you buy one. However, the folks at Knife Planet have put together this extensive guide to pocket knives that is worth taking a look at if you’re looking for one or just want to know what to look for in a blade.

They cover everything from all the shapes and types of blades you can get, to the material these blades are made from and which ones are best for what purposes. They also discuss some of the reasons you might need such a knife and the legality of folding knives or EDC knives in your area. It’s absolutely massive and hard to pick out any specific tip or trick from it, but they do make some great suggestions for anyone looking to buy it if you want to skip the details (which you shouldn’t.) [ Via Knife Planet ]

Ridiculous exercise trends and where they come from

Crazy exercise trends are nothing new: a treadmill, which is actually a bike that is propelled by a treadmill on top (instead of being, as you know, a real bike), or the very idea of ​​”racing ” are good examples – but in this Mental Floss video, John Green lists 22 ridiculous exercise trends that have emerged over the years, whether it’s old history or current oddities that you absolutely shouldn’t try or get involved with yourself. Not to mention a few weird exercise gadgets that you don’t need in your life. I’ll let the video speak for itself. [ via Mental Floss ]

Why everyone hates flying and other questions only a pilot can answer

I know we just covered an episode of the Freakonomics podcast last week, but this week’s episode is also amazing and touches on a topic that we all probably have opinions on, but perhaps don’t have that specific point of view. Anyone who has had to board a plane in the past few years is probably unhappy with this experience, be it annoying passengers, long security lines, tiny and cramped cockpits, or an overall uncomfortable flight, but let’s look at it from a pilot’s perspective:

Patrick Smith, author of The Confidential Booth, answers every question we can ask him about what’s really going on in the air. Just don’t make him launch drones – or the autopilot really does fly.

Smith answers a ton of questions, including those asked by the Freakonomics team, for example:

SHI WAN TONDER: Is it true that the pilots can see you through the camera in the bathroom?

TIM WILSON: Can a pilot really fly faster? And if so, why don’t they usually fly faster?

CATHERINE HURDLE: Is there anything you saw in flight that you couldn’t explain?

This is a terrific listening experience and you might be hearing from a person who usually does not have the opportunity to tell everything about what is happening in the front of the plane. Click “Play” above. [ via Freakonomics ]

How to know what you want to do after college

Many of you may have recently graduated from college, in which case, congratulations! Now you need to figure out what you want to do the rest of your time – whether you want to travel the world, go to graduate school, immediately enter the job market, or do something completely different. This Quora thread is full of valuable life tips and advice to help you decide what you want to do if you’re not entirely sure about it. For example, some of the tips are a little more inspirational:

You can not. But not necessarily.

There is nothing to come up with. There is only life to be lived.

This is not an answer that you can think of logically, because it is something that flows out of who you are and where you are from, and arising takes patience. Passion is determination and focus, driven by emotion. If you don’t feel it – if the emotion hasn’t arisen – you are simply not ready. Sometimes you just have to wait for your life to figure out what to do with you, not the other way around. But that doesn’t mean you have no control. This means you get what you deserve when you deserve it. And this answer will appear.

The answer is your reward.

For more specific advice and suggestions for types of work based on your personality type and specific interests. Anyway, if you’re wondering, “Now what?” it’s worth reading. [ via Quora ]

The blind astronomer of Nova Scotia

Imagine that you are legally blind, but in a unique position that actually allows you to see some things better than everything in the world. Now imagine that these are the stars and the night sky. This is the life of astronomer Tim Doucette, says Neatorama:

Tim Doucette has only ten percent vision, but, oddly enough, he sees better in the dark. Because its pupils do not dilate or constrict, too much light enters in during the daytime. Yet he sees stars in the night sky better than most people. So it only made sense that he studied these stars.

As a result, he appreciates the beauty of the stars in a cosmic way. Doucette considers his abilities to be a gift, although he pays a great price for the gift for the rest of his life.

Now I’m not just a fan of it because I have a family in Nova Scotia or because I also love astronomy (and have a degree in it), but because Doucette is in a position that is both difficult but enviable. He can see the beauty of the night sky in a way that none of us can truly appreciate, but at the same time, we can see the world in a way that he cannot. However, his admiration for the beauty of the night sky really deserves attention. Be inspired. Have a nice week. [ via Neatorama ]

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