Rest of the Day: IOS 10 Finally Lets You Uninstall Apple’s Default Apps

Slow news day, huh? Between E3 , Apple’s Developer Conference and Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition, we kick off this week with a stream of news for those who love the intersection of technology and culture. I know that! Here are some more stories from today’s downpour.

  • There are some interesting details about Apple’s latest software updates that weren’t mentioned in their programmatic message. When iOS 10 comes out, you can obviously uninstall the standard Apple apps (like the compass or stock ticker). You will notice that they all now appear in the App Store , although some native apps such as Messages and Photos cannot be removed as they are required for iOS functionality. Finally, I can say goodbye to the Apple Junk folder where I hide these pesky apps. [The Verge]
  • Also, macOS Sierra – which technically should be capitalized like macOS, but I politely decline – won’t be compatible with older Macs . IMac, MacBook models manufactured before (approximate) 2009 will not be available. These older systems can no longer take advantage of many of the features of Yosemite and El Capitan, so it’s no surprise, but for the first time since Mountain Lion in 2012, a new version of Mac OS doesn’t support older hardware. [Ars Technica]
  • Reddit is testing affiliate links on the site as a potential source of income . If you link to a product on the site, Reddit will automatically include their affiliate URL in order to receive a commission if there are any sales. (Yes, Gawker Media generates revenue the same way). However, for some reason, Amazon is not a partner. [Reddit]
  • It is now easier to block people on Twitter . They just removed a few steps, so now when you see a bad tweet, you can block the offending user by clicking more “…” dots on the tweet itself and voila, block. [Twitter]


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