Make Your IPhone Read Aloud With One Quick Swipe

Whether you’re driving or just want to be hands-free at home, you can get your iOS device to read anything from emails to websites and articles, and all you need to do is turn it on. accessibility feature.

As How-to Geek explains, your device’s Speak On Screen feature allows you to tell it to read just about anything with a quick swipe. We’ve already shown you how to enable text-to-speech on your phone, but this option makes it even easier.

They explain how it works:

With the Speak On Screen feature in iOS, you can make your device read everything on the screen for you by simply swiping down from the top of the page with two fingers. It can read anything from settings pages to websites and e-books. While this is certainly helpful if you have any form of visual impairment, it can also be really handy when you want to catch up on reading but don’t want your eyes glued to the screen.

To turn it on, just go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Speech. Then turn on the Speech Screen. From there, you can swipe down from any screen and your device will start reading. A small toolbar will appear allowing you to adjust the speed and pause directly from the screen. Read more in the message below.

How To Get Your iOS Device To Read Articles, Books And More For You | How-to geek


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