This Versatile Set of System Recovery Tools Has Everything You Need to Troubleshoot Your PC.

There is no shortage of system recovery and recovery discs that you can download and keep close at hand when your computer gives you problems, but this one, from reader Paul, is optimized, simple, and contains only a few effective tools (and without further ado!)

Paul, who works in the field (I remember those days!), Sent us his rescue disc and explained that he had just made it publicly available on his website. On his website, he explains why he was worried about a world with so many disks to choose from:

I know there are so many service disks out there already. Many of the other drives I’ve used in the past have tried to do more than I wanted, sometimes with 10-20 different applications and utilities that all do the same thing. Such a huge selection does not make it easy to achieve a faster pace of field service work. I also wanted to have both a bootable recovery environment and Windows utilities in the same package to reduce the number of disks I needed to maintain and keep close at hand.

This disk started out with a set of batch files that allowed me to work on multiple computers throughout the day and reproduce results of the same quality level on each computer without the need for paper checklists. Even with the checklists, I sometimes skipped or skipped steps that led to different results when repairing my PC. This is how the automated utility was born! Since then, I have been using this disk in my work to solve 99% of the problems I encounter in the field.

However, just because the disc is streamlined does not mean that it lacks tools. You will need to head over to his website for a complete list (and support the project!), As well as download links to burn your own or make your own bootable USB stick with all the utilities on it. However, there are a few standout points: the disc is a live CD, so you can boot from it and run things like Clonezilla, GParted, NT Password Reset, PhotoRec, Terminal, and a few other utilities (even a solitaire game you can play while I wait while other things are done!)

The Windows autorun disk portion contains a ton of Windows diagnostic tools for testing, troubleshooting and fixing Windows installation or partition problems, tools to extract or re-add product keys, network testing tools and speed tests, and even some security and malware tools. … removal tools. All in all, if you have a Windows PC – especially one that you’ve built yourself – or are in charge of serving others, the drive is worth a look.

All-in-One System Recovery Toolkit | Paul Brian Vreeland


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