Most Physically Active Jobs in the USA

If you’re looking for a job that keeps you moving and in shape, these are the 27 most physical jobs you can find in the US.

Using data from the Occupational Information Network (O * NET) , a US Department of Labor database containing detailed occupational information, Erin Broadwin and Andy Kirsch of Business Insider created a basic ranking system. The ratings for each job are based on five different types of activity, including dynamic strength, explosive strength, trunk strength, overall endurance, and time spent on your feet while walking or running. Here are the top 5 (out of 100):

  1. Professional Dancer: Overall Activity Score 75.2 requiring long walking or running time, endurance, dynamics and trunk strength.
  2. Fitness Coaches and Aerobics Instructors: Overall Activity Score 62, requiring great endurance, dynamic strength, and trunk strength.
  3. Construction Iron and Steel Workers : 60 Overall Activity Rating, requiring great torso strength, time spent walking or running, and dynamic strength.
  4. Rebar and Rebar Workers: Overall Activity Score 57.6, requiring long walking or running time, trunk strength and endurance.
  5. Forest Firefighters: Overall Activity Score 55.6, requiring great stamina, torso strength, and time spent walking or running.

It’s probably unsurprising to see fitness trainers, builders, and firefighters on this list, but it’s a little surprising to see dancers rank first. However, it makes sense when you consider the fact that their work is completely based on physical activity. Trainers don’t necessarily train themselves, and construction crews don’t always pick up materials. To find out how the remaining 22 jobs are ranked, click on the link below.

27 Most Physically Active Jobs in America | Business Insider


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