Flatbook for Chrome Gives Facebook the Simple, Ad-Free Layout We’ve Always Wanted

Chrome: Flatbook (formerly Facebook Flat) has been around for a while, but when a developer let us know about some of the changes he was making to it, we took another look. It looks great, of course, and saves Facebook from the clutter that makes it difficult to navigate.

Of course, Flatbook doesn’t do things like make sure you actually see messages from your friends, which Facebook decides not to do, but it cleans up the interface a lot. It removes silly ads and suggested people and groups from the right sidebar and gives you a simple, simple, organized reading experience with quick side links to things like feeds and pages, Facebook Live videos around the world, and even Profile Visitors ( it is less “people who viewed your profile” and more “people with whom you have spoken a lot lately”).

There is an additional sidebar that allows you to navigate directly to your messages, apps, saved items and articles, friends, and more, and you can turn the chat right sidebar on and off with a single click. It’s honestly not a complete replacement for a tool like Social Fixer, which is much more powerful , but if you want a lighter touch it’s worth taking a look at. Follow the link below to give it a try.

Flatbook | Chrome Web Store


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