Crisis Text Line Is an Anonymous 24/7 Consulting Service

When it is difficult to tell someone in person about a mental health problem, you can use the services of Crisis Text Line, a 24/7 text messaging counseling service. It provides text messaging a secure, anonymous and confidential environment to discuss issues with trained volunteer counselors.

Text 741-741 with the message “START” to start the conversation. Textile workers will initially receive an automatic response with some details, but eventually it will ask, “What’s on your mind?” According to Mashable, this source code follows an algorithmic scheme similar to hospital care: people with the most pressing needs are considered first. If the text is “I want to die …” or something equally relevant, it will be taken care of as soon as possible by a living, trained “Crisis Counselor”.

The goal of a crisis counselor is to move people from a “hot moment” (for example, a desire to harm themselves or others) to a “cool moment”, keeping them safe and healthy. They do this through active listening, empathy, and respect. These consultants are volunteers who have been selected and thoroughly trained (which you can learn more about here ). If you would like to volunteer to become a crisis counselor, you can apply by filling out their registration form here .

Anonymity is important. Free text messages for Crisis Text Line will not appear on phone bills if associated with major US carriers (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile). However, it is possible that they may appear on other media. Anyone can request the removal of their information from the company system by sending a text message with the word “loofah” or “loofah”.

While Crisis Text Line is a legitimate way to seek help, they emphasize that they are not a substitute for long-term counseling, personal therapy, or a friend. You can find more information on their FAQ page here . To learn about international resources, check out this list on

Crisis line of text via Mashable


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