A Quick Way to Chill Beer in a Hotel Room Without a Refrigerator

Reader Kyle sent this method to chill beer if you’re on the go, want a cold drink, and of course your hotel room doesn’t have a refrigerator. Just line up your bottles on the conditioner unit, turn it on at full power, and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Surprisingly, that’s all it takes.

Of course, this only works in hotel rooms that have old school air conditioners on the windows, but if you’re traveling on a budget to somewhere with air conditioning, you’ve probably slept somewhere with one of these in your room before. Kyle writes that instead of going to the icemaker every hour to try and chill a couple of beers, try this:

There is no need to use a central air conditioner here; If your hotel still uses a classic jet-powered corner air conditioner, you’re in luck! Just position the beer bottles neatly along the bottom edge of the vent and be careful when adding each bottle as too much vibration can send the previous bottle to the floor. If this happens, be specific about which bottle has taken the plunge so that it has enough time to relieve pressure while waiting for consumption.

Set the temperature and fan to their maximum settings, and in about 15 minutes, you’ll have a cold enough beer to enjoy. Leaving this setting for too long can impair the taste, so after about half an hour, reduce the temperature setting to medium. Continue adjusting the temperature to your liking as needed.

You might think this beer is a little chilly, but if you’ve put together a parka, scarf, gloves, hat and long underwear, you can drink in comfort! Either way, if you drink enough, eventually you won’t even be able to tell how cold the room really is.

This requires a lot of variables to work properly (for example, the air conditioner needs a ledge and needs to be angled so you can put beer on it while it cools), so if you’re staying somewhere it isn’t. You can always try our other favorite methods, or plug in your hotel room sink, head to the ice maker and chill your beer in the sink filled with ice.

Thanks to Kyle for the feedback!


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