Why Do Some People Bruise so Easily?

We’ve all had moments like this where we bumped into things and walked away with a terrible bruise, but this DNews video explains why some of us seem more resilient and heal faster, while others of us seem to wake up with cryptic bruises without the memory of where they came from.

After explaining exactly how the bruising process works and looks like (that is, for people with lighter skin), the video explains that some people may bruise more easily if they are predisposed to certain blood disorders such as hemophilia or background disease. Von Willebrand when the blood doesn’t bleed. do not fold as quickly as they should, or proteins in the blood that are supposed to fold are not working properly. Plus, people who take blood thinners for heart disease or blood pressure can also easily get bruised due to the way the medication interacts with your blood. Likewise, if you are particularly athletic or do a lot of resistance training, you may be prone to bruising more often because the muscle building process involves inflicting a small amount of damage to the muscle tissue and then repairing it more severely than before.

Also, if you do have these mysterious bruises and are not sure where they come from, they could be an underlying medical condition that you should talk to your doctor about. If none of the above applies to you and you don’t remember hitting your shin in the middle of the night – or you did it and that bruise seems to go away forever, it might be time to call a doctor.

Why do some people bruise so easily? | DNews (YouTube)


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