Strategies That Work Best When Trading a Used Car

When planning to buy a car, be prepared to bargain. And some strategies work better than others . A recent Consumer Reports poll summarized the negotiation techniques that work best to get a better used car deal.

According to the survey, 70% of used car buyers trade and this translates into a better price 83% of the time. They found that the most successful bargaining method is simply to ask:

So what’s the most successful strategy used by effective marketers? It turns out this is a simple approach – just ask for the best price. This worked for 68 percent of successful negotiators. Another tactic was to share with the seller the value of similar vehicles researched on the Internet, or to threaten to leave, which worked for 48% and 28% of successful traders, respectively.

It is worth noting that percentages are relative. For example, if you threaten to quit and you fail, chances are you have already tried the simple approach, but to no avail, so it makes sense that the percentage will be lower – usually the last try. However, the data is still interesting and seems to show that simply asking for a better price works more often than not.

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Why Bargain for Your Next Car | Consumer reports


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