Microsoft Launches Planner, a Trello-Style Project Management Tool

Microsoft Planner, a new tool that helps teams track and collaborate on projects, launched today for Office 365.

Planner lets you organize projects, share files, assign tasks, and communicate with other collaborators – all within Office 365. As shown in the video above, the app uses maps and boards to organize everything (which you are probably familiar with if you know ) I used Trello or Asana) and these boards can even be organized into larger projects or columns called “segments.” Each card can be color-coded, due dates, attached attachments (such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents, and photos), and have your own conversations for each task. The Planner also has a main Hub where you can see an overview of your project and track its overall progress. From there, you can see who is meeting the deadlines and navigate to your assigned tasks.

The highlight here is that Planner is integrated with other Microsoft products such as OneNote and Outlook, making it ideal for users and businesses already deep in the Microsoft ecosystem. Planner will roll out to Office 365 customers worldwide over the next few weeks. You can find out more at the link below.

Microsoft Planner is ready to go | Microsoft Office Blog via TechCrunch


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