Convert Your Debt Into an Art Project to Get Motivated to Pay It Back

The black and white balance on your debt page is not a very psychologically calming image. If you want something more motivating, turn your debt into an art project.

As personal finance site How Do I Money explains, for those with a little artistic flair, creating an artistic project out of your debt can change the way you think about your finances. For example, one artist painted one vortex in a drawing for every $ 100 she paid in debt. The painting hung in her living room in full view. No one would have known it was her debt card because it looked like a pretty picture, but she knew that as this image grew more colorful, her debt was getting closer to paying off.

Your own images can be as different as you like. If you enjoy drawing, add a little more to the drawing every time you pay. Add another Lego to the set, add another piece to what you are building. Turning your artistic passion into a way of measuring your progress towards paying off debt is a great way to bridge the gap between two vastly different worldviews.

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