Convert an Unwanted Scarf Into a Trendy Kimono Jacket

If you have a large, thin scarf that you no longer wear, turn it into a kimono-style blazer that you get. It takes less than an hour of work and a few consumables.

Lightweight chiffon scarves work best for this project as they drape well. If you choose to use thermal tape or glue, it could be a no-sewing project. You need:

  • Scissors
  • Something that holds the fabric together (hot-melt tape, fabric glue, thread, and a needle)
  • Iron (if using hot melt tape)
  • The scarf is at least 60 inches long and 1 yard wide.

If you don’t have a scarf this big, you can use a smaller scarf, but your jacket will be less fluid and less fluid. Hem the short sides of the fabric, then fold them horizontally and again vertically to create four layers of fabric. Cut the fold where it ends (when the fabric is unrolled, the incision should be about the middle of the entire piece of fabric). This will be the front neckline of your jacket. Hem the fabric around this opening if desired. Spread out the fabric so that the front slit is facing you and join the edges of the sleeves together. Climb as far as you want, the further you climb, the smaller the holes for your hands.

For a faster version of this project, skip the hem portion. This will make your jacket more prone to wear and tear, but if you only want it to last in the summer, you can do less work to create that look. You can also add fringe or lace to the bottom of the jacket. Watch the video above (skip to 00:48) for visual instructions.

DIY: Cardigan Kimono | thehuyeninglooks (YouTube)


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