Sleepcast Uses Your Favorite Speakers to Alarm Your Phone

Android / iOS (beta): You probably use your phone as an alarm clock and you can even use it to play music instead of your regular alarm, but what if you could use your favorite speakers or home stereo instead to wake you up? metal speakers of your phone? This is what Sleepcast does.

Sleepcast automatically searches your home network for networked audio devices, so if you’ve already connected speakers like Sonos, Bose, or a tuned receiver, you don’t have to lift your finger to connect to it. When you use the app to set your morning alarm, it automatically plays music through the speakers of your choice, so you can wake up to music at your set volume from the sound source you really like. If you prefer Bluetooth speakers or have speakers at home that you can connect to via DLNA or UPnP , you can use Sleepcast with them as well. Of course, if you just want to connect your phone to the extra speaker port, you can do that too.

The app works the other way around: you can fall asleep to music through your favorite speakers as easily as setting an alarm. Use the app’s sleep timer to play music for a specified period and then shut down automatically. You can set as many sleep timers or alarms as you like so you can easily switch between an alarm, a weekend alarm, or a one-time alarm if you like.

The only downside to Sleepcast is that it only works with local music. You can easily create playlists in the app, but if you, like many of us, stream most of your music , you’re out of luck here. Either way, you can still check out the app – it’s free. This is Android only for now, but you can subscribe to the iOS or Windows Phone beta from the link below if you want to make it happen.

Sleepcast (free) | Google Play via Sleepcast


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