Five Brain-Friendly Books Bill Gates Invites You to Read This Summer

Summer is just beginning, which means it’s time to release some good books – and Bill Gates himself has five great book suggestions that will broaden your horizons in science, philosophy, history, mathematics and science fiction. He watches them in this short video.

Bill details some of his thoughts on each book in the video, so it’s worth watching. Here is a short list of five books:

From the origins of life, the history of mitochondria, the history of consciousness and the past to the present to the future – take a look at human civilization, mathematics and the world of mathematics, right up to entrepreneurship and business and finally to science fiction (accordingly) there is a book for everyone, although we we honestly advise you to read all five. After all, summer is just beginning.

Five Books To Read This Summer | Gates Notes via BoingBoing


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